What Do You Do With Old Car Seats? Donate or Recyle?

What Do You Do With Old Car Seats, Expired Car Seats

For parents, nothing brings greater joy than keeping their little ones safe and secure. As your baby and toddler grow up, there is no longer any need for them to travel in a car seat – but that doesn’t mean you can just get rid of it and forget about it. Even when outgrown or expired, old or used car seats still have much potential to do good beyond just providing transportation for your child. Swapmamas will discuss the simple yet effective ways to reuse an old car seat safely so you can give back more without breaking the bank!

What shoud I do with old or expired car seats?

  • Donate – The simplest and most effective way to put an old car seat to good use is to donate it. Organizations such as the National Safety Council’s Car Seat Recycling Program accept used seats for donation, cleaning them up before giving them back out for reuse.
  • Sell – If you don’t mind putting in a bit more work to make some extra cash, try selling your car seat online or hosting a garage sale. Just make sure to include all the essential information when advertising it and check local regulations before selling it.
  • Give Away – Put out an ad on social media or Craigslist that you’re giving your old car seat away for free. You may be surprised by how many people would love to take it off your hands!
  • Upcycle – If you’ve got an eye for crafting, then why not turn that old car seat into something new? From shelves to pet beds, there are endless possibilities when it comes to upcycling old car seats.
  • Recycle – Most car seat manufacturers now offer recycling programs that allow you to send back your expired car seat for safe and secure disposal.
  • Trade-In – Participating stores like Walmart, Target, and Babies ‘R’ Us now have trade-in programs where you can get a discount on your new car seat when you exchange an expired one. Be sure to check with each store for more information.

Where to donate or recycle used car seats in US?

National Safety Council’s Car Seat Recycling Program

Accepts used car seats for donation and then cleans them up before giving them back out for reuse.

The Great Trade-in by Walmart

Allows customers to get a discount on their new car seat when they exchange an expired one.

where to donate car seats

The Car Seat Trade-In Program by Target

Participating stores offer discounts on new car seats when you trade in an old one.

Babies ‘R’ Us Recycling Program

The store accepts used car seats year-round, giving customers a 20% discount when they purchase a new one.

Recycle Baby Gear

The organization donates and recycles gently used products such as car seats, strollers, and other baby gear to families in need.

Earth911 Car Seat Recycling Program

The program allows customers to drop off their used car seats for recycling at participating locations.

Local Charities

Many local charities accept donations of used items such as car seats, so check with your area’s non-profits if they are open to accepting them.

Car Seat Donation Programs

Check with local hospitals to see if they have any car seat donation programs in place.

By donating, selling, giving away, upcycling, recycling or trading in an old car seat, you can help ensure your children’s safety while also giving back to the community. So what are you waiting for? Put that used car seat to good use today!

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