How To Clean A Nuna Mixx 2 Pram Stroller

how to clean nuna stroller

The Nuna Mixx 2 Pram stroller is a versatile and durable stroller that comes with several fabric parts that need to be removed for washing. Over time, the stroller can accumulate dirt, stains, and bacteria, which can be harmful to your baby’s health. Regular cleaning of your Nuna stroller is crucial to keep it in good condition and maintain hygiene.

Cleaning a stroller as a parent/caregiver is an essential task to keep it in good condition and hygienic for your child. Swapmamas will unravel and guide you on how to clean Nuna stroller. With these steps, you can easily clean the Nuna Mixx stroller and ensure that it remains in excellent condition for your child’s safety and comfort.

How to Remove Nuna Mixx Stroller Fabrics

One of the great features of the Mixx 2 is that it has easily removable and washable fabrics, which is an important aspect of maintaining your stroller’s hygiene. If you need to remove the fabrics from your Nuna Mixx stroller, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean Nuna Mixx stroller first by taking off all its fabrics.

Step 1: Remove the canopy

The first step in removing the Nuna Mixx stroller fabrics is to remove the canopy. To do this, locate the buttons on either side of the canopy near the top of the stroller frame. Tap on both buttons at the same time and lift the canopy away from the stroller frame. Also, remove the clips at the backsides of the canopy. Remember to remove the iron rod surrounding the edge of the canopy to ensure proper washing.

How to Remove Nuna Mixx Stroller Fabrics step 1

Step 2: Remove the seat from the stroller

Next, you need to remove the seat from the stroller. To do this, locate the two buttons on the sides of the stroller’s frame. Press them, and also, the seat is attached to the stroller with the help of some clips at the top, sides and bottom. Raise the seat up and out of the frame at each edge to separate them from these clips. Pull the harness at the center, back, bottom, and low end of the seat, pulling them outward to fully separate the seat.

Remove Nuna Mixx 2 pram Stroller Fabrics step 2

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Step 3: Remove the shoulder straps and buckle

The shoulder straps and buckles are usually attached to the seat fabric, so you need to remove them before you can remove the seat fabric. To remove the shoulder straps and buckle, locate the white clip that holds them in place and use a screwdriver to remove them. Once the screws are taken away, gently pull the shoulder straps and buckle out of the seat fabric.

How to Remove Nuna Mixx 2 pram Stroller Fabrics step 3

Step 4: Remove the harness straps

Once the seat cushion is removed, you’ll need to remove the harness straps. To do this, locate the two screws on the back of the seat where the harness straps are attached. Make use of a screwdriver to remove these screws and release the harness straps from the seat.

How to Remove Mixx Stroller Fabrics step 4

Step 5: Remove the basket fabric

To remove the basket fabric, first, remove any items from the basket. Then, locate the clips at the base of the basket. Release the clips, and also, at the front, there is a hook holding the basket in place; pull them upward to separate them from the hook. Remember to unscrew the three bots used to hold the base of the basket to completely free them from the stroller body frame. Keep these screws safe to prevent them from getting lost.

Now that we’ve fully removed the fabrics off the body frame, we need to wash the fabrics.

Remove Nuna Stroller Fabrics step 5

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How to clean Nuna Stroller?

After removing the fabrics from your Nuna Mixx stroller, it’s essential to clean and wash them to keep them in good condition. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide that will show you how to wash Nuna Mixx stroller:

Step 1: Shake off Loose Dirt and Debris

Once you have disassembled the stroller, shake off any loose dirt, debris, or food crumbs from the frame and the fabrics. For the best results, you can use a soft-bristled brush to remove any stubborn dirt from the frame and the wheels.

Step 2: Vacuum the Stroller

After shaking off any loose dirt, take a vacuum cleaner to absorb up any remaining dirt, debris, food particles, or dust from the stroller frame and wheels. Doing this is easy as you can make use of the attachment on your vacuum cleaner ie. the upholstery tool to remove any dirt or dust from the fabrics.

Step 3: Wash the Fabrics

Next is to wash the fabrics. You can either hand wash them in a sink or bathtub or use a washing machine. If you use a washing machine, use the gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent. It’s not advisable to use fabric softeners or bleach, as they can hurt the fabrics because they are so fragile. After washing, rinse the fabrics thoroughly to remove any detergent residue.

how to clean nuna mixx stroller step 3

Step 4: Dry the Fabrics

After washing and rinsing, hang the fabrics to dry. You can hang them on a clothes line or a drying rackin a place with good air passage. Limit direct sunlight as it can fade the fabrics. You can use a dryer on low heat if you’re in a hurry but check the care instructions first to avoid damage to the fabrics.

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Step 5: Clean the Stroller Frame and Wheels

While the fabrics are drying, you can clean the stroller frame and wheels. You can use a mild soap or a specialized stroller cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the frame and wheels. Make sure not to get any water in the joints or other moving parts of the stroller.

how to clean nuna mixx 2 pram stroller step 5

Step 6: Dry the Frame

After you’ve cleaned the frame, wipe it down with a dry cloth to get rid of any water stuck in the frames. Just a few hours is all you need to allow it to air out properly to see that it’s completely dry before reassembling the stroller.

Step 7: Reassemble the Stroller

Once the fabrics and frame are dry, you can reassemble the stroller. Make sure to follow the reverse process of removing the fabrics carefully to ensure that you’re putting everything back together correctly.

how to wash nuna mixx stroller step 7

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Nuna Mixx Stroller Fabrics

Taking care of your Nuna Mixx stroller fabrics is essential for maintaining its appearance and functionality. Let’s see some tips to help you clean and maintain your Nuna Mixx stroller fabrics below:

  • Regular cleaning: Clean your stroller fabrics regularly using a wet cloth or sponge to wipe them down. If needed, use mild detergent and warm water, but avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric.
  • Spot cleaning: For stubborn stains, use a solution of water and mild detergent to spot-clean the affected area. Scrub gently through the area with a soft-bristled brush or cloth, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Drying: Always ensure that the fabrics are completely dry before reattaching them to the stroller. Don’t use a dryer or put the fabric in full sunlight, as this can damage it.
  • Storage: Store the stroller in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew and mold growth. Avoid storing the stroller in a damp or humid area, as this can cause the fabric to deteriorate.
  • Use a stroller liner: Consider using a stroller liner to protect the fabric from spills and stains. A stroller liner can also make cleaning easier and keep the stroller looking new for longer.


Your Nuna Mixx 2 pram stroller will last longer and look better if you keep it clean and in good shape. Following the steps above on how to clean Nuna stroller can help prevent dirt, stains, and odors from building up and keep your stroller looking new for longer. By taking good care of your Nuna Mixx 2 pram stroller, it provides safe and comfortable rides for your child for years to come.

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