52 Week Money Saving Challenge

52 Week Money Savings ChallengeHow does an extra $1,300 in your pocket this year sound? Personally, we think it sounds pretty great!

We first saw the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge floating around the internet last year, and were intrigued. THIS YEAR, we’ve decided to accept the challenge!

The concept is really pretty simple. After downloading and printing out your ‘saving schedule’ (we especially like the variety of options you can download HERE), just follow along:

Week 1: Save and put away $1
Week 2: Save and put away $2
Week 3: Save and put away $3
Week 4: Save and put away $4

And so on … By week $52, you will have saved $1,378! WOWZA! Let’s do this! Who’s with us?

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

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3 Responses to 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

  1. Count me in on the challenge :-)

  2. Aysha says:

    I like this…. I am in as well… Already started putting back. I am doing it in reverse though. We tend to have more money around the beginning of the year. We are also throwing in extra pocket change from the day. :)

  3. Darcy Cruwys says:

    Yay! I like your idea Aysha — makes good sense. I’m so proud of myself — I’m already on Week 7! :)

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